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Categories: General | Posted on Aug 25, 2009

When Website design first started no real attention was paid to search engine optimization seo. Website designers knew html or an html design program such as Front Page or Dreamweaver. A good designer also has an eye for layout, color, etc. Search Engine Optimization was little known and less understood. Since far fewer websites had been designed and put on the Internet you still had a chance to be found even if you paid little heed to search engine marketing.

This is no longer true. The number of websites available on the web and the amount of competition they provide is mind boggling. This is true for most subjects and areas of business.

For instance just for fun last night I typed into MSN’s BING, Google and Yahoo the name of my old boarding school, Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg. Even though the name is in German and I typed it into English language version of these three search engines my search pulled up 99,700 results in MSN, 35,500 results in Google and 276,000 results in Yahoo. Strange, but true. You can imagine the number of results show that, if you enter as paving stone, get a new mortgage, or diet secret. In case you’re curious about it paving stones calls up 665,000 in Google. Get a new mortgage produces 477,000,000 results in Yahoo and type diet secrets into and you will get 13,600,000 results. Now that’s competition!

If you’re providing a service or product in a smaller geographic area your chances of being found in a users search increase remarkably. Nature is not only a reduction in competition, but there are still opportunities for other business or professional services, such as you have not yet realized the amazing power of Internet advertising.

The success of search engine optimization, and high-ranking natural materials in your local business is not difficult. The on-site optimization just needs to be an out-growth of natural design. This is easiest to do if it’s incorporated into the structure and content of the site from its inception. This is SEO services Website Design.


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